“Dream on, experiment & have fun” – Interview with Lilies on Mars

I learned of Lilies on Mars through their manager, Ryan L. Albato who is a talented indie rock entrepreneur and an internet radio pioneer.  His enthusiasm about this band is fervent, and I really trust his taste. Lilies on Mars is an amazing female indie rock duo from the United Kingdom who enjoy a healthy following.  I wanted to speak with them about their experiences, and get them to open up about their success as a popular indie band.


What was your first experience performing music?

Aw, it was terrifying and marvelous at the same time, a perfect mix blended between panic and an extreme need to communicate to the audience directly from our stomach- it might not be a nice image, but that was the feeling. Whilst shaking, we thought, “why are we here right now?”… but nevertheless it was definitely the place we always wanted to be!

Have you had an overall positive experience as a band?

We would say that overall its been positive, even if sometimes we would like to destroy our guitars on stage or if we are having a bad time composing. Even if a show goes a bit wrong or we feel blue, at the end of the day it is a state of mind that generates feelings that we transform into notes. Collaborating, jamming, sharing the stage with artists that we love and respect is a totally positive experience for us- fortunately it happens quite often.

How do you two work things out when you don’t get along?

Ha, we certainly don’t have any strategies to sort things out. We have never experienced major problems between us! Actually, even after living together for 12 years we do get along very well and have managed to maintain a stable balance. We really respect each other a lot and move in the same direction most of the time. When something is wrong a hug makes it up immediately!

Are there any advantages to being a female band?

We don’t think so, especially when we have to carry our amplifiers! We are not very strong and it’s annoying seeing our male colleagues lifting their equipment as if it was made of air.

Are there disadvantages to being a duo as opposed a band with four or five members?

We wouldn’t call it a disadvantage, we write, compose, arrange and record our songs in our little studio at home, creating our comfy intimate atmosphere between us both- this is the way our sound was born and continues to evolve. However, when playing live we do collaborate with other musicians, we have our drummer Gal whom is absolutely great and for the future we won’t exclude the idea to have our stage crowded!

Do you consider yourselves professional independent musicians?

I think we do, yes, do we?

Would you sign to a major label?

We are fond, primarily, of independent labels that are really passionate for music. Although, there are exceptions for everything, if a major was run by people that really care about the music and not only about the money making machine, then why not?

What makes Lilies on Mars a unique band?

Aw, other people should answer this question! Maybe because we make music from Mars!?

Is there a level of humility that is required now that you two are becoming successful?

Are we becoming successful? That’s very nice thank you! If this happens, it won’t change the way we are. We are from Sardinia where humility is in the blood and we are truly respectful and grateful for even the smallest positive things that happens to us. We work hard everyday to make our dreams a reality, sacrifices help you understand certain things in life and the importance of humility is one of them.

If you had any advice for young musicians what would it be?

Carry on dreaming, work hard till you wake up at 45 without a proper job!!!! Just kidding! Dream on, experiment and have fun because its most important to enjoy and be passionate about what you do each day.