Chart – Digital Distributor Pricing Compared

Want to sell or stream your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more? Think Like a Label dug into the most popular services, including Tunecore, CD Baby, Nimbit, Reverbnation, Songcast, and ONErpm, to see what each would cost to distribute 1 release. FYI, many of these companies offer additional services, including additional music stores in multiple countries, which are included in these prices. That said, if basic distribution to the major online stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc) is your goal, this is what it’s going to cost you. This guide is simply meant to be a jump off point, it is up to you to determine which one is right for you, so do your research!

Update: Ahh! – A diligent reader pointed out in the comments that ONErpm actually takes a 10% cut from some of it’s outlets, including iTunes and eMusic. My apologies for missing that. It also does not distribute to Amazon or Rhapsody.

Do you have any experiences with these services, good or bad? Please let us know in the comments!


  • ONERPM’s site states “We charge a one-time flat fee per store you select, or a $30 flat fee if you select all the stores or $8 for a single across all stores. You get paid 90% of the royalties we collect.” 

  • Shit! You are right. I didn’t even see that, they really bury it down in there. I will make a note of it. Thanks for the heads up!

  • yeah i tried to sign up with onerpm just to see what their pricing model was… they were ALL OVER THE PLACE trying to get you for every penny SMH

  • With all these distributors listed, I’m surprised you didn’t mention ADEDistribution. They have the lowest start-up and maintenance fees $5 a month + $3 for any single/EP/album you are submitting. Every fifth submission is FREE and they pay you every week!

  • You should add ADEDistribution to this list dude. They have a bunch of people and they are the cheapest!

  • Hey “Noneya Bizness.” Notice that every comment on this forum is spamming for ADE distribution. Checked your other comments then worked out that you are the CEO. Im using the term CEO very generously there as you have zero staff, no office and seem like a total douche. And when i say douche i mean things like swearing, using the N word, basically being a complete tool with no business experience.
    So yea, you suck and you are actually a bigger joke than your website looks.

  • You would say that, as you are trying to push your utter dogshit company ADE distribution. I would urge people on here to check all the sites here apart from the tool above us

  • Didnt check it as they have no customers and are a complete joke. Why not admit you own the company? At least people can get a picture of what kind of moron they are dealing with

  • you must work for CD Baby or you are someone who just signed up with CD Baby without doing ANY research on ANY other music distribution companies. ADED.US Music Distribution FTW… and to all the other people on here saying I work for ADED.US just because I mentioned them… I’m a friggin’ TRUCK DRIVER… so WTH R U talking about!

  • I own the company? I’m a truck driver… I WISH I owned ADED.US, I’d prolly be rich… you wanker

  • that’s cause TuneCore got into an argument with Amazon UK about copyright infringement and Amazon CANCELLED their deal :P

  • P.S. “Music Fan” is either an employee of RouteNote or Ditto Music. Those 2 companies are COMPETITORS of ADED.US Music Distribution – any time ANYONE mentions ADED.US, they come along to talk sh!t about it… you aren’t fooling anyone… and oh BTW I DO NOT work for ADED.US – that’s just you being paranoid and a troll

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